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Welcome to CP Models

We produce quality white metal wargame miniatures for gamers, figure painters & collectors

1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade

TQD Castings 20mm World War II miniatures

Night Terrors

New additions to our 28mm creatures & races

Phibians, a race of intelligent amphibious creatures lurking in deep lakes & remote waters

Runts, Dwarfs in space

New Runt infantry sets released. The Runt listing has also been re-organised with the majority of them now available in multi-packs with a few single figures mixed in. This has allowed a slight price reduction across this range. Hopefully these new sets should allow a Runt infantry force to be built up which includes support weapons such as HMG & Mortar teams.  


28mm Orc warriors with spear & shield

Supplied with random shield designs

Orc Warriors with bows

World War II

20mm Waffen SS partisan hunters

Suitable for the Warsaw Uprising as opposition for our Polish Home Army figures

Painted figures & scenery by Olivier Vallois


20mm Polish Home Army fighters in captured SS smocks

These figures feature a mix of home made / captured German equipment & weapons

Painted figures & scenery by Olivier Vallois


Mature Plant Thing added to our sci-fi aliens

Mature Plant Thing supplied with 6 separate tentacles to allow variety of posing


New Giant added to Trolls & Giants

Giant with wooden club

28mm Heads

I have decided to list all our 28mm head sets together as well as in the appropriate listings to allow them all to be found in one place

  New separate head sets released

Clown Masks

Fungus Faces, infected humans in the process of changing into plant life

Alien Minion heads II


The Great War

British Expeditionary Force 1914

The first of our World War I British Infantry

These are now available as single figures with the multi-packs at a slight discount


A violent version of baseball set in a fantasy world

Human team

Monster team


A small range of true scale 15mm figures for War of the Spanish Succession 1701-14


Carnovoids, Walking Carnivorous Plants added to our 28mm alien plant life listing

CP Models Miniatures

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