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Welcome to CP Models makers of quality white metal miniatures for gamers, figure painters & collectors

TQD Castings 20mm World War II figures

German Infantry Marching

Waffen SS Officers

Ardennes Waffen SS Panzer Command

Painted figures above by iAugustus

Christmas Last Posting Dates

International Postage

 Friday 4 December  Africa, Middle East
 Monday 7 December  Asia, Far East, Cyprus, Japan, Eastern Europe
 Tuesday 8 December  Caribbean, Central and South America
 Thursday 10 December  Australia, Greece, New Zealand
 Monday 14 December  Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
 Tuesday 15 December  Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
 Wednesday 16 December  Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain
 Thursday 17 December  France
 Friday 18 December  Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland

UK customers please note the 18th of December is the last day we will be posting orders

New Releases

New Demon's added to our night terrors range

Wind Walker, demon sculpted by George Fairlamb


Ubbo-seth - The Great Devourer, 28mm demon sculpted by Andrew May

Creatures & Races

Mushroom Men, 28mm creatures sculpted by George Fairlamb

These figures come with separate arms allowing different arm positions

Oriental Legends

Djinn, 28mm figure sculpted by Andrew May



Aggressive swarming aliens ideal for bug hunts, sculpted by Wiff Waff

28mm multi-part figures, appendages are separate allowing a degree of pose variety

Yeti with catapult, 15mm fantasy figures painted by Marcin Donaszewski

Check out our facebook page for more of Marcin's painting