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Modern Rioters

Each figure is made up of one body, two arms and one head, which are interchangeable between   figures allowing a wide variety of poses to be built up

These 28mm figures allow the you to create a unique mob of figures for their modern, sci-fi and post apoc games.


TQD Castings

20mm WWII 1940 French Cavalry Motorcyclists / Infanterie Motorisee


New kingdom egyptians

I have decided to promote this range this month so when you buy four packs from the 28mm New Kingdom Egyptian range you will get a extra free pack of your choice. Please make a note of your free pack when paying or email me the details. 



Our 28mm Avians have been very popular so we decided to add some new head variants

So we have released three new figures combining the new heads and existing bodies

L-R AV helmet, Targeting cp head unit & battle hooded avian



New 15mm Fantasy witches


28mm dogs of war, mercenary dogs for fantasy adventures



The 28mm alien plant creature has proved so popular I decided to add another one

 So the new plant creature standing on the right is now available


Four new 28mm runt, space dwarf troopers added to round out the basic troop types

These figures are available as singles or as a group squad


Space Orcs

Space orcs added to our 15mm sci-fi line up

Space ogres have been moved to join them as auxiliary troops


TQD Castings

20mm Goliaths added to the World War II German accessories listing


20mm Wartime British police added to our WWII miscellaneous figures


Night Terrors

28mm Cerebalite specialist and Hive queen available

If you like the look of these, check out the Cerebalite's in the gallery for more images of them  


Alien Federation

 Loor Scouts available


28mm Alien shock troopers now available


Star Ship Crew

Five new 28mm crew members added to our star ship crew range


Alien Eggs

New Alien eggs with emerging tentacles added to the sci-fi listings

Shown below next to the original eggs


A small range of 28mm ancient Roman Gladiators to join our Marcus Aurelius figure. Several of these figures have been designed with separate heads and will be supplied with a helmeted head and a bare head so they can be used for different Gladiator classes. They might also work as Roman street gangs or the Spartacus revolt using the bare heads. Gladiators sculpted by Al Elder


CP Models Miniatures

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