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Marching WWII German Infantry

Featuring TQD Castings marching summer German infantry, other figures by AB, Preiser & Revell    

Painting & photography by Angel


I am pleased to announce that CP Models have acquired part of Tengu Models 28mm figure ranges which includes the grey aliens and some of the zombies. We are still sorting out the moulds ect ready for release but have sorted enough figures to release the first of the zombies. These have been added to our Night Terrors range with a new zombie listing.  




Grey Aliens

The first of the Grey aliens are now available


Chaos Dwarfs


Night Terrors

Cerebalite drones added to the monsters listing

These figures have been designed to go with our 28mm Cerebalites but would also be suitable for  monsters in 15mm



Alien Federation reinforcements

Alien major & heavy weapon trooper

Alien Sniper


Stealth Squad, alien troopers in stealth armour


True Scale 15mm American Civil War

We might have made a mistake with these figures as we thought they were 10/12mm but after measuring them they look more like true 15mm scale

We are now listing them as true 15's hopefully it's not too confusing to have two 15mm listing as these are not compatible with my existing modern sized 15mm ranges but would probably be compatible with older true scale ranges

So with this in mind here is a scale picture so you can make up your own minds

Union infantry packs released.

So these are available in packs of 16 figures and to promote the initial releases every ACW order will receive a free pack.

With the scale change I might have to re-think the pricing on these figures but have decided to leave them as they are till the end of this month, so grab a bargain while you can        


CP Models Miniatures

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