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Welcome to CP Models makers of quality white metal miniatures for gamers, figure painters & collectors

Marching WWII German Infantry

Featuring TQD Castings marching summer German infantry, other figures by AB, Preiser & Revell    

Painting & photography by Angel

 New Releases

15mm Moderns

28mm Chaos Dwarfs

TQD Castings 20mm WWII

New German Waffen SS Grenadiers advancing eastern front

WWII Kharkov

New 28mm German Waffen SS Grenadiers Available

28mm Sci-fi Accessories

New Weapons and mixed alien heads

You will find these in the relevant accessory listings


Armoured shoulder plates, designed to convert our alien troopers into elites

These have been listed in the alien federation section

Dwarf Dungeon Adventurers


Celtic Dwarf Reinforcements

Alien Federation Stealth Troopers

Alien Federation Shock Troopers

Jump Troopers



 Four new 28mm zombies sculpted by Mark Evans

World War II


 First packs of 28mm Kharkov Waffen SS Grenadiers released

Celtic Dwarfs


The Golem - Barbarian Hero

Tree Creature

New multi-part monster added to our trolls & giants fantasy listing

Sculpted and painted by Kieran Billings

Oriental Legends

Djinn painted picture added


Runt infantry casualties released

Sci-fi Civilians

A set of generic sci-fi civilians in non action poses