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Alien Shock Troopers

We are pleased to announce that we have purchased these 28mm Alien Shock Troopers


Multi-species alien squad in 28mm scale, alien troopers sculpted by Pierre-Francois Jacquet (PF). The weapons have been digitally sculpted by John Bear Ross (JBR).

The majority of the aliens will have two different heads, with most of them having separate arms and a couple have separate legs too

You may have seen them as a crowd funding project on Indiegogo or even have backed that project, our aim is to continue this project by introducing a voucher scheme which would enable you to get the original deals but without the crowd funding risk as these will be produced regardless of the voucher scheme.

The voucher scheme will run from today till the end of April allowing us to get the moulds ready for release plus all voucher holders will get their figures before general release. While keeping the low level vouchers as near to the original pledges as possible we have decided that the higher level vouchers will work as a discount for figures from across our ranges allowing you to get a wide variety of figures for your voucher.

With the higher level vouchers I will send you an order form out once the scheme has finished which you can fill in and send back to us with your orders

Hopefully if this scheme does well we can get PF to do some new additions to the alien shock troopers in the near future. 

If you need any more info please feel free to email me. 









Voucher Scheme


Squad - 5.00
Three identical same species aliens, please let me know what species you would like


Scout A - 10.00
Alien Shock Troopers Squad A, 6 figures includes a mystery alien not shown in squad picture.


Scout B - 10.00
Alien Shock Troopers Squad B, 6 figures includes a mystery alien not shown in squad picture.


Scout C - 10.00
Loor Scouts, 5 figures.


Squad Leader - 20.00
All 12 different shock troopers, Squad A + B  including the mystery aliens. 


Section Leader - 40.00
All 12 different shock troopers x 2, 24 figures in total since the majority of these figures have two heads and you could swap some of the arms around to give you a wide variety of alien troopers.       


War Leader - 60.00
Redeemable for 80.00 worth of miniatures from across CP models ranges.   


War Lord - 100.00
Redeemable for 130.00 worth of miniatures from across CP models ranges.


Loor Scouts

A couple of fantastic painted previews of our 28mm Loor figures 


Painted Figures by L to R: Raphael of Pigment Miniatures and Paul Shorten


28mm Scale Comparison

L to R: GW Tau Fore Warrior, CP Models Loor, CP Models Avian


A small range of 28mm ancient Roman Gladiators to join our Marcus Aurelius figure. Several of these figures have been designed with separate heads and will be supplied with a helmeted head and a bare head so they can be used for different Gladiator classes. They might also work as Roman street gangs or the Spartacus revolt using the bare heads. Gladiators sculpted by Al Elder


CP Models Miniatures

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